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Planting Seeds for Your Next Chapter

business holidays Nov 20, 2023

The holidays always seem to be a time when progress and accomplishment must stop to allow for family and gatherings but I've found that it's also fertile ground for growth when I allow myself time to work on my business or projects.
Truth is,
whatever we are doing right now will bear fruit - good or bad - in about 90 days. So what we do in the last 5 weeks of 2023 will give us the results we have in mid-February. If we wait until "after the holidays" to start something new, we won't see progress until April 1st. I just counted from January 8th (when we might reasonably say, the holidays are over and we should now focus on our goals) and 12 weeks is, yes - April Fool's Day. 

Now I'm not suggesting you miss the joy and family time the holidays offer but I am suggesting that the age old cry of women everywhere, "I can't even THINK about that until AFTER the holidays!" is worth questioning.

I would argue that it is just an annual form of RESISTANCE - one the enemy has been using forever to great effect. It stops women from pursuing their calling, starting the business, doing the project, offering their gifts to the world in the ways they KNOW they are meant to. We HIDE in service to others. I've done it. I know it so well. 

So what am I suggesting you do?

Decorate the house. Cook the meals. Focus completely when spending time with your loved ones. Don't miss it by any means. But also - do not lie to yourself - claiming that you CAN'T even THINK about your calling until January. That, my friend, is just a thought. 

What if there was time - over coffee in the early morning, on a walk between events, in a carved out time each week? What if you did the work of thinking - getting things set up in the background; valuing the unique contribution you are called to make enough to give it attention? 

And then, when January rolls around, you are ready. When the Christmas tree has been hauled to the curb or boxed up, when the family has left and you've cleaned up the last mess, you can turn to your project and say, "Let's go!" instead of spending weeks trying to remember who you are and what you were going to create.

What if the holidays weren't a distraction, but they were the perfect place to grow ideas and take small steps?

I know what a powerful time of year this is and I don't want you to miss it. Let's work behind the scenes together, in the quiet moments amid the holidays. Let's take the first steps together. Get all the details about how I can help you Design your Business. And, since everything starts with a quick phone call, go ahead and book one HERE. Yes, this week. I've made time.