What are you working on? What's that idea or dream you have that you really want to make progress on but you keep getting distracted, discouraged, or "confused"? When good women have ideas and dreams, the enemy takes notice because they are most often ideas that will serve the world in beautiful and powerful ways. Resistance shows up in all it's ugly forms to stop us before we even begin. You are not alone. I am passionate about helping women take action on their dreams and I believe in YOU! 

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Setting up your Business Mini Course

If you're ready to offer your services to the world, but your confused about where to begin, this class is perfect for you. Like sitting with an experienced friend over coffee, this short course with Jill Pulver will lay out the basics so you can make decisions about what steps to take. You'll feel confident, knowing how to show up in the world so you can reach your ideal client and grow your business.
What you'll learn about:
Key Decisions
Where to Share your Value
How to Create Content
Email Marketing
Website options
Tips & Resources
Get your biz set up



Are you starting a new business?

In this video, Jill shares 3 parts to reaching your ideal client and becoming known in your field of work. 

Part 1: Your Mission 

Part 2: Your Brand

Part 3: Your Presence


Adding Value & Becoming Known

The best way to reach your ideal client is to become known for providing value. When you create your own content and share it consistently, you grow into a thought leader, impacting both those who receive your free content and drawing in those who will pay to work with you. 

Business Set up Packages

The Strategy Sessions

6 private coaching appointments with Jill to help you decide...

  • What you want to do
  • Who you want to serve
  • How you will deliver your offer
  • Where you will show up to find your ideal clients
  • Business platforms, tools and strategies to use
  • BONUS - Setting up your Business mini course
I'm ready, Jill


We will collaboratively create the look and feel of your brand so people recognize your content wherever you show up. 

  • Logo
  • Brand guide with colors,  & fonts
  • Canva tutorial
  • Business card
  • Email signature
  • BONUS - Setting up your Business mini course
Yes, let's start here

Business Basics

Let's set you up so you're ready to be seen as established and professional. 

  • Everything in Branding Basics, plus...
  • Website or Squarespace or Kajabi
  • Instagram / Facebook posting tutorial
  • Video set up tips
  • BONUS - Setting up your Business mini course
This is just what I need!

Business Set Up Suite

You're ready to take action with both the tools AND the strategy so you can start serving your ideal client and grow your business. 

  • Everything in Business Basics, plus...
  • The Strategy Sessions
  • BONUS - Setting up your Business mini course 
I'm all in!

One Strategy Session

One 50 min private coaching appointment to strategize about your business ideas and determine first steps. Perfect if...

  • You're just getting started or need to gain clarity
  • You have questions about one particular topic or tool
  •  You want to see what it's like to work with me
  • BONUS - Setting up your Business mini course

Custom Packages & Services

Add what you need, take away what you don't. 

  • Kajabi Course Set Up
  • Email marketing
  • Content Creation
  • ???
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