How does the Community work?

To play on the Goose theme, I like to think of it as a "gaggle" of women locking arms and encouraging one another; bringing understanding, camaraderie, and joy to all areas of life!

The fun thing about this community is that you can engage with whatever you care about. Just into the design part? Great. That feed will focus on HOME. Interested in mindset work, hop into the COACHING feed and live teaching. Need some WELLNESS support, visit that thread. Do you have a business or project you are working on? Let us support you in the BUSINESS & BRANDING section. It's all in one place but in separate containers. 

It is NOT on Facebook - you won't get distracted every time you want to join in. Instead it's hosted on my website in a Community section that you can access anytime from your desktop or phone. 

The best part? It's FREE! 

I'm getting it all ready to open on September 11th! Get on the waitlist so I can send you the link when it opens. 


Interior Design

Beauty inspires and good function provides comfort and ease. Let's create lovely homes together! Ask questions about paint color, furniture layout, styling a room, lighting, etc...

Share your projects - before, during & afters.

Get ideas and resources directly from Jill in live Q&A sessions.

Share your vintage finds.

JIll's Design Services

Life Coaching

Creating a beautiful home ATMOSPHERE starts with YOU. Your thoughts about your life set the tone. How you feel about yourself, your stage of life, your children, your spouse, your story, etc.. is what CREATES the tone of your home. Let's give you the mindset to love your life. I'll share via live teaching and group coaching.


What is Life Coaching?

Golden Goose Wellness

It's difficult to love your life when you aren't feeling well. My college major was Nutrition and for 10 years I led groups of women through a 30 Day Healthy Living program that changed lives! 

Healthy products, recipes, and a 30-day reset so you can feel your best, After all, YOU are the golden goose. We need you to feel your best!

My Favorite Products

Business Tools & Branding

Are you starting a business or working on a dream project? is the tech or not "looking legit" stopping you from moving forward? 

Canva, Instagram, website and Pinterest tutorials at the most basic level to get you started. Business cards, a logo, or website help so you feel confident.


Business Support