If I had to divide my passions into 3 categories, they would be:


ATMOSPHERE (which is my way of saying interior design) 

PARENTING (the role that both broke me and made me) & 

EDUCATION (I had no idea how much I’d learn about life by teaching my own children!) 

Jill Pulver | Love your Home is an umbrella of sorts for these three loves - my place to spill all the JOY I’ve experienced with a goal of encouraging and inspiring you to LOVE YOUR HOME - IN YOUR UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL WAY.


I’ve been creating an inviting home Atmosphere for my family for over 22 years. With 5 kids. 10 homes. Every possible setup and scenario. In each place there were different challenges but always one result; a home where my children, friends and family wanted to be. Sometimes there was a budget for new furnishings, and many times there was not. Transforming our home into a welcoming, relaxing place has brought me tremendous joy. There’s no activity I’d rather engage in. I love to help my clients clarify what matters most to them and assist them in making great decisions about creating a home they love.


Raising five children, three boys and two girls, has been my dream job, the best challenge and joy of my life. I loved being pregnant and I loved the baby stage. The toddler stage broke me though and forced me to read, listen, and transform my thinking the most, but that huge learning curve and the lessons I learned there have paid off in so many beautiful ways. The Parenting principles I slowly learned to apply have grown more character in my children than I ever imagined. So to that overwhelmed mom, trying to manage a household and impart goodness to their children, let me take your hand here and share what I learned while crying over how to get all the laundry done.


One of the best decisions I ever made was to homeschool my children. While not for everyone, this choice allowed us to spend so much time together that traditions were established, memories were created, discipline and character were addressed daily, and strong relationships were formed for life. We learned history together, read stories together, kept house together, took care of pets together, made art together, listened to classical music together, took hikes together, and read and memorized so much Shakespeare and poetry that our minds were sharpened together. We experienced the truth of 19th century educator Charlotte Mason’s words, that Education is an atmosphere, a discipline and a life.” 


The most important story here is YOURS - the life that is unfolding for YOU. I hope my words and stories encourage you to embrace what you have - to catch glimpses of JOY along your journey - they are there in the gap.

I can’t wait to see how strong, creative, and resilient you are! 


With much love,


Jill Pulver | Love Your Home  Tutoring | Interior Styling | Homeschool Consulting


One of the best places to make memories is in the kitchen!

One of the best places to make memories is in the kitchen!

Backyard bounty! Fresh eggs, juicy tomatoes and bright sunflowers!

Backyard bounty! Fresh eggs, juicy tomatoes and bright sunflowers!