You don’t need someone to show you ideas  - there’s IG, Pinterest, blogs, and google searches. What you really need is a coach to help you do it, to help you trust yourself, and to communicate, step by step - clearly and personally - a simple process; to teach you HOW to design your space so you can do it again and again in your home. This is exactly what I've created. You'll get...

  • Step by step design guidance
  •  Private 1:1 coaching for 12 weeks
  • A custom mood board for your room
  • Marco Polo connection for advice
  • Jill's design resources

If you’re ready to become skilled at creating a home you love - that reflects your style on your budget, join today!

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Ask me anything about your home in this 1.5 hour meeting. The most common solutions I provide are:

1) paint color selection

2) furniture layout

3) items to keep and what to replace

4) Ways to incorporate finishing touches like decor, rugs, window treatments, and pillows.

I'll give you all my designer tips so you can feel hopeful and excited about your home plans. 

If you don't live in Chattanooga, TN, that's okay! Virtual meetings work too!

Once you purchase you'll receive a confirmation email along with a link to book a quick call with me. From there we can schedule the Design Consultation. 

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Did you know that having the right interior design choices, from flooring to lighting, can drastically increase your rental prices and occupancy rates? Good Airbnb design actually makes you money!

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Design Services

At The Pretty Goose, I follow a simple process that starts with a free 15-20 minute phone conversation. You tell me about your project and I'll share how I might be able to help.

When you book a virtual or local in-person CONSULTATION, I will listen closely and then share ideas about furnishings, space planning and/ or paint selection. You can take the ideas and run with them yourself or hire me to do the design work for you. During this meeting we will discuss your budget and my fee for your project.

DESIGN: If you choose to work with me, this is where the FUN begins and I DESIGN your space.

1) We will clarify what you really want.

2) I'll gather inspiration and your ideas to create a custom mood board for the room.

3) I'll present recommendations/ options within your budget, including furniture, finishes, lighting, window treatments, flooring, rugs, art, and accessories.

4) You can give your feedback on the design and I'll adjust as needed. 

5) From here, you can order furnishings from the mood board. Once they are all delivered, you have two choices:

Pull it together yourself with my recommendations.


Choose my installation and styling service for an HGTV-type reveal.

My hope is that you feel as excited about experiencing these flexible services as I am just describing them! I can't wait to make your home beautiful and unique to you!

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Paint Color Consultations

Paint is one of the simplest ways to update an interior or exterior. Doing the work is an investment though and getting the color wrong can be expensive. I'm a certified color strategist who can help you choose the right paint colors so you get it right the first time. All my color consults include follow-up emails/ texts and adjustments based on your experience sampling colors. What makes my services unique is that I select colors based on color science, not just a good eye. I use a Color device to measure the color data values in your home's fixed finishes - like stone, tile, cabinets, flooring, countertops, artwork or furnishings.  With that data, I'm able to suggest complimentary paint colors that will look beautiful and "play nicely" in your home. This approach is especially helpful if you are remodeling as you choose these important fixed finishes. The colorimetry approach also allows me to make intelligent adjustments to colors based on your feedback and it makes virtual consultations possible as well. 

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