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Let's make it amazing!

You know your home needs a refresh, but you're not sure where to start...

The walls were painted during a trend that you know is over and that sofa has seen better days. You're tired of grabbing new pillows from Target hoping that will freshen it up, only to realize it's the whole backdrop that needs a reboot. 

Spending a fortune on full service interior design and furnishings is not in the cards right now, but grabbing a can of paint at home depot is not going to solve the overall problem. 

You have good taste, you just need a fresh set of eyes on your space, a guide to help you decide which elements will get you the biggest bang for your buck.

I have good news: 

1) You don't have to figure it out alone. 

2) It's not as complicated as you think.

3) It doesn't have to cost a fortune to transform the way your home looks, feels, and functions. 

Enter, Jill Pulver with The Pretty Goose...

your designer friend who knows how to LISTEN to what you want, IDENTIFY the key elements that need to change, and CREATE a plan, all while offering you the option to DO IT YOURSELF with coaching or have it DONE FOR YOU for that HGTV reveal moment.

I've done it all - from sewing my own curtains and painting walls for a cheap refresh to selecting the most gorgeous tiles, cabinets, millwork and lighting for custom homes.

I'd love to design a home YOU love too!



Ask me anything about your home in this 1.5 hour virtual meeting.

The most common solutions I provide are:

1) PAINT COLOR SELECTION - I'm a color expert. I use the science of color to choose a hue that works with other elements in your home. No need to buy 10 samples at the paint store.

2) FURNITURE LAYOUT - sometimes just moving things around fixes the flow and function of a space.

3) FURNISHINGS - I help you decide what to keep and what to replace.

4) ACCESSORIZING - I'll offer options for finishing touches like decor, rugs, window treatments, and pillows.

I'll give you all my designer tips and resources so you can feel hopeful and excited about your home plans. 

Once you purchase you'll receive a confirmation email along with a link to book a quick call with me. From there we can schedule the Design Consultation.


Hi, I'm Jill Pulver, owner at The Pretty Goose

I'm an Interior Designer based in Chattanooga, TN. I believe that your home atmosphere helps YOU to live with joy and purpose so my goal is to be a support and guide in helping you create a home and life you love through smart, beautiful design.

I'm a mother of five and, before starting my business, I homeschooled for 17 years. As a stay at home mom on a tight budget I learned to create beautiful rooms with vintage finds, the right paint colors and a lot of DIY. I learned to design for function and comfort and my work led to profitable home sales whenever we moved.

I started my design business with color consulting and it grew to include remodeling, furnishings, landscaping for curb appeal, new builds, and vacation rental design. I see the potential in any home and know what to do to make it amazing. 

Whether you want one time advice, a plan to help you create a space you love, or a done-for-you solution, I can help. 

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