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Welcoming Grown Children Home for the Holidays

coaching design holidays parenting Nov 27, 2023

No one will be sitting on Santa's lap this year and they probably won't want to make crafts, decorate cookies, or read Christmas picture books. They aren't yet married with their own families. So what do you do with young adult kids who come home for the holidays? There will be cell phones, Netflix and childhood friends to see. I'm all for letting go of the past and encouraging our children to live their adult lives. I just want to know how we can make the time we DO spend together FUN and SPECIAL. How do we, as moms, shift out of old traditions and make new ones? How do we make our homes and family time the best option for our kids so we can continue to make memories together?

Last year, I asked my social media community and in person friends for advice about welcoming grown children home for the holidays. Here are ideas I gathered and implemented in my own home as my 5 children, ages 17-25 arrived. They are coming again this year and I'm already thinking about how I want to welcome them. 


Comfortable bed and room that’s personal - lamps, bedside tables, throw, fluffy towels and


Cozy sofa and enough seating for all

Big coffee table for food, drinks, & feet!



Dart board



Cards and game table - classic games

Food - drinks, snacks, nachos, fondue, holiday treats, favorite meals from years past, special

dishes for Christmas eve or morning - fruit soup, danish puffs, cinnamon rolls, put cinnamon or

nutmeg in coffee grounds

Gather in the kitchen while making dinner - serve wine - trade off help with chopping, peeling or

washing dishes

Advent wreath and scripture reading

Eggnog, Christmas music, fire and decorate the tree

Make cookies together

Watch old videos and look at pictures from childhood

Watch Christmas and funny movies

Classical Christmas music in background - Handel’s Messiah or Bach’s Christmas Oratorio

Christmas jammies

Allow for rest - sleeping in, watching football, doing solo activities, naps


Hot cocoa and drive to see lights

Deliver gifts to neighbors and friends

Outdoor activities - walks, hikes, sightseeing esp a tradition of walking at the same place each

year, skiing, snowshoeing

Local special events - tree lighting, luminaria, parades, festivals

Attend a concert or show

Pair up kids to plan a day for everyone

Go out for appetizers and drinks together

Spa day

Print out my 5 Secrets to Creating a Home your Grown Children Can't Wait to Visit. Tell me! What are your FAVORITE ways to spend time over the holidays with your young adult children? Are there traditions that have endured into these big kid years? What new activities have you added that everyone enjoys?