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Showing up Instead of Scrolling Up

business coaching design Nov 08, 2023
Branding You

We want to show up. We were made for it. We have been given gifts, skills, experiences, wisdom, and passions. But so often, we doubt that we have what it takes to really contribute. Oh, we will sign up for the committee, offer to bring a dish or help others achieve their dreams. But we don't feel worthy of more - of raising our hands and offering to help on our own, with our ideas. We hide and scroll and time keeps going. I'm writing to you today to say, "WE NEED YOU. WAKE UP. STOP DOUBTING. TAKE ACTION,"

Here’s what women tell me: Help me with my house! OR Help me get my business set up!

Why? Because we are wired to give to others in the atmosphere we create and the work we do. Both are worthy of serious consideration and attention. Your ideas matter. Remember, The Pretty Goose mantra is...

Your dreams are never silly. They make the world more beautiful.

I LOVE to help women with both their homes and their business ideas. Both are about the woman who is creating something of value in the world that expresses her unique gifts, experience and heart.

And there is nothing I love more than unleashing that one-of-a-kind impact.

Here's how I see it...

WHO you are  = YOUR BRAND

WHAT you value = YOUR HEART

HOW you express truth, goodness and beauty = the CONTENT YOU CREATE (teaching, decorating, parenting, ministering, nurturing, speaking, coaching)

WHERE you share your gifts = YOUR VENUE (home, the community, IG, FB, blog, podcast, youtube, courses, Zoom)

When you look around at what everyone else is doing; scrolling and scrolling on Instagram or Facebook, it’s easy to get confused about where to begin.

As a coach, I help you remember the heart of your vision - who you are and what you value - the why behind your efforts. I help you discern the content you want to create and where you want to share it, Then we set up what you need so you can feel confident beginning. With a room or a brand. 

I love color and decorating AND I have an online business background. I’m a strategist with a big picture mindset. I help women create an aesthetic for their home and the work they want to do in the world.

Whether we are designing your home or your brand, it should represent YOU - the colors and patterns that feel good to you, the function that supports what you value most and helps you serve the people you want to impact.

You are the hero of the story; I’m your creative assistant, cheerleader and coach. I help you overcome obstacles to reaching your goals.

What are you working on? Where are you stuck?

Did you know you can bring your decorating dilemmas OR business questions to The Pretty Goose Collective? We meet weekly LIVE just for this reason.

Or you can work with me individually. Check out my packages HERE or get details on my website. 

Let’s get it done (and make it pretty while we’re at it)! #GIDMIP