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Motherhood in Midlife

business coaching Nov 09, 2022

My favorite role in the whole world has been motherhood. I LOVED staying home with my kids and homeschooling them. It ticked all the boxes for me of purpose, creativity, passion, love, commitment and challenge. 

I still get to be mom to these amazing humans but the all-day-every-day job is over. Since I worked part - full time in their older years, I felt the excitement of doing something new, dreaming of all I could create and enjoy in the 2nd half of life “when no one needed me”. But imagining it and dabbling in that freedom is not the same as being fully IN it. In a quiet house, alone with your thoughts about yourself and your worth in the world. It’s weird to have a career end in midlife. You're too young to retire, but beyond starting completely over. You know things, you have mad skills, you’ve lived, but there’s no promotion to the next role. The world is not clamoring to hire and pay moms handsomely. We are used to being chosen and wanted, depended upon for our expertise and skill but now there is silence. We have to choose ourselves for the next job. 

I’ve sobbed over this difficult season. I’ve felt dumb for not knowing what to do next, worthless in a world of linked in profiles and corporate ladders, and even bored. If there’s a job you love that fits your lifestyle in midlife, that is a blessing. Do it and carry on. But if you feel like you are reinventing yourself and don’t quite know what to do next. I’m with you. I get it and I’m cheering you on. You DO have so much to give, you ARE valuable, and CALLED to something new. Instead of everyone wanting you all the time as mommy, this time you have to pick yourself. You have to look at the world and see where you can bring your unique gifts and skills; where you can bring life and joy to earth  - as it is in heaven. You are needed in this next season more than you know. 

One thing that has helped me move into this new season is having a coach - someone who will help me make decisions and take action; someone who will not just sit with me in the problem like a girlfriend would, but who will challenge me to move forward in courage and determination. I’ve had several amazing coaches over the years - both in groups and individually. Here are a few I’ve loved…

Edie Wadsworth A group coaching program for Christian women with teaching and group coaching. It's the place where I got certified as a Christian Life Coach.

Brook Castillo The Life Coach School - Scholars program - where you gain tools to coach yourself along with amazing teaching.

Amberly Deavors My business coach for Life Coaching

Rosie Clark A deep dive into journaling that brings insights front the words you speak

Plus many courses I’ve taken over the years in marketing, interior design, course creation, social media etc… I’ve learned so much from each of these amazing people and I’m so grateful. Because I've invested in myself over the years, I have more to offer YOU - from general life coaching to home design, homeschooling support or creating an online business. It's all led to this - supporting other women in their journey. 

We all need encouragement to do the next things in our life and I’m convinced that women using their gifts to love and serve others is the most powerful thing in the world. I’m here for you, dear friend, and ready to cheer you on. If you are ready to value your contribution enough to invest in coaching, let’s connect for a call. I know I can help you and it is my mission to do so with as many women as possible.

The world needs YOU - your energy, your love, your vibrancy, your gifts. Do not let the busyness of the life distract you from figuring out what you are meant to offer. I normally only offer 12 week coaching packages, but, to end 2022, I have a few spots open for a 6 week session. It's called Preparing your Heart and Home for the Holidays - the perfect way to end the year. The next 6 weeks can be a time of clarity that sets you up with a plan and the confidence to take action. Let 2023 be the year you transform your life in beautiful ways. It starts now. Reach out to me at [email protected]. All you have to say is, “Hey, Jill. I’d like to chat about life coaching. Thanks, _______” and we can start the conversation.

Let’s do this, mama!