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business kajabi squarespace website design Jan 17, 2024

One of the most overwhelming parts of starting a new business is figuring out where to show up so your ideal clients can find you. And once you've decided where to be, you have to learn how to use the platform and display your information in a way that makes it all worthwhile.

Marketing can feel like a huge distraction from actually DOING your work. 

You need help from someone who cares about you, your vision and your bandwidth. Whether you want to do it yourself and just need guidance or you want to hand it off and have it done for you,

I can help.

I offer website design with a coaching element - which means I really listen to who you are, what you need and how you want to get it done. I recommend the platform that will be best for you, even if it's not one I offer. I give you a process that doesn't just pull together the elements you need for your website, but which transforms the way you think about yourself, your client, your offers, methods, brand style, and overall vision. 

You'll get a beautiful, functional website with the tools you need.

I build websites on Kajabi - for course creators and on Squarespace for just about everyone else. Both offer modern design and functions for the latest ways of doing business online. Best of all, they are user-friendly. I always teach you how to use your site and make changes to it so that

You can manage your website without having to hire a programmer every time you need an update.


I'm not a computer programmer. I'm a former homeschool mom who learned everything I know from taking online courses and participating in coaching programs. I'm an interior designer, course creator and life coach. I use my teaching and coaching experience to help women do business without feeling overwhelmed or alone. 

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