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YOU are the Hero of this Story

covid homeschooling Apr 02, 2020

There is nothing in your email inbox, in the news, on Netflix, or in the government’s stimulus package that is going to truly come to our rescue during this crisis. Whatever is going on in your home, with your kids, in your own heart and mind, or with your children’s academics is not going to be solved by something outside the walls of your quarantine. The FEELNG you are looking for in the next podcast, email of activities for your kids to do, online sale at your favorite store, wish list in your Amazon cart, glass of wine or snack from your pantry is not ultimately going to get you through this.

YOU are.

YOU are the hero that has to stand up, get serious, and come to the rescue. It’s too late in this crisis to keep pretending that the solution is outside yourself. It’s in your ATTITUDE. It starts in your THOUGHTS.

Nothing is more important to be doing with your children right now than YOU leading the way with your MINDSET - and THAT is in your control. Brook Castillo of The Life Coach School says that this Corona Virus pandemic was always going to happen - we just didn’t know about it. We need to stop arguing with reality as if it wasn’t meant to happen. It’s part of our story - it was always going to be part of the story. We just didn’t anticipate this challenge. Stop wasting time fighting reality and figure out how to rise up in the midst of it - to live your best story in the midst of the larger narrative. Who will you be for your family in this season? How will you solve this problem and make it an opportunity for growth, renewal, and JOY??

You set the tone in your home. Make it good, my friends, with all the gifts and creativity that YOU bring to the world.

This was always going to be the story and you are part of it. Get up. Show up. Be the hero you are. The world needs you. And your children need YOU most of all.

Yes, you likely need to help them get some schoolwork done over the next month or two but the biggest lesson they will learn during this time is how to do life well under any circumstances. The school is not going to provide that curriculum.

My course, Love your Homeschool is the perfect support for you. I’m cheering you on - we can do this, friend.