What's included...

6 - 50 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Jill via Zoom - I’m sharing the tools and resources that I only share in my 12 week coaching packages. This offer allows you to work with me for a special 6 week session.

Design consultations - Use your sessions for design guidance so you can create a home that serves you and your family/ friends in the ways you’ve always wanted during all the events and moments of the holiday season. We’ll solve problems with flow and function, using what you already have and we’ll improve any areas that need sprucing up with pro suggestions for bringing in beauty, comfort and inspiration.

Marco Polo support - You can reach out with any holiday dilemmas or drama like you would to a trusted girlfriend - except I’m going to coach you through it and help you transform your thinking which is much more powerful than just venting to a friend. You can also message me with decor selections you’re implementing in real time.

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