Awaken to Color Workshop

Learn to see color accurately, to recognize it in the world around you, and to apply it to your home in life-giving ways. This virtual workshop is really a mini-retreat to inspire and empower you to bring YOUR kind of beauty to your home.

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Paint Color & Design Services

Save time and money by working with a certified color strategist and interior designer. We'll create a home that reflects what YOU love and supports the lifestyle you value.

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Designing a Childhood Home

Creating a home with children presents special challenges and opportunities. Check out these resources for designing a home that nurtures each member of the family.

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Jill Anne Home

Hi, I'm Jill...

I'm a mother of 5, a designer, vintage lover, and color expert. I believe the ATMOSPHERE in your home matters. Living life to the fullest requires support and inspiration. As a designer, I love to make things pretty - but creating beauty that feeds your soul is most important. So my services always include what's life-giving for the PEOPLE who will live in a space. I can't wait to get to know YOU and find ways to design a home you love.


My specialty is listening to who you are and what you love, then choosing the perfect colors, using what you already have, adding vintage pieces along with new ones & pulling it all together with beautiful results.

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Let's make your home beautiful in every way!

Email your questions or request a call to discuss your needs. I'll tell you about what I offer and you can decide which service is best for you.

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