Starting a Business?

Branding is the first step... 

You have a valuable service to offer. Branding that represents you well let's potential clients know that you take your work seriously. It showcases your personality and style. It both repels the wrong clients and attracts those that are a good fit.

When your branding is consistent on social media, your website, in content you create, and on your business card, people will begin to recognize you immediately. Before they read a word, your branding will be noticed and identify YOU.

When your branding is spot on, it feels like an accurate representation of who you are.



An elegant process that results in beautiful, custom branding that you will use for years to come.


Book an inquiry call with Jill. Get your questions answered and schedule your Branding Package.


Use Jill's questionnaires and guided processes to make decisions, gather images and find inspiration for your branding.


On the first Monday of your Branding project, you'll kick it off with a consultation call so we are very clear about your vision.


Within 48 hours you'll receive initial ideas for your review. Send edits.


Receive your brand board with colors & fonts, a business card that you can print, email signature and logos.


Along with your branding guide, you'll receive Jill's checklist and tutorial for ways to use your branding elements to promote your business effectively.

If you have chosen Branding with a Website Design package, you will receive your brand board in week 1 of the Website Design window.

What does it cost, Jill?

When you work with me, you get an EXPERIENCED designer who is also a life coach and teacher. You're going to get a custom Brand Package, designed specifically for YOUR BUSINESS, based on your style and developed to appeal to your ideal client. The colors and fonts will be chosen to work well on social media, a website, and in other content you create. 

You'll also get instruction on ways to create graphics with your brand elements using Canva and Jill's checklists for marketing what you offer.

1 Week Branding Package


  • Logo & sublogo
  • Brand Board with colors & fonts
  • Business card
  • Email signature
  • Canva Tutorial
  • BONUS - Setting up your Business Mini Course
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Fill out an Inquiry Form

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