I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do remember well how LONG each day felt with toddlers underfoot and I’ve experienced how SHORT the years are once those children get big. Making the most of the season you’re in is a challenge whether you’re trying to get through a day with little ones or figure out how to get it all done with big kids. I’ve been there. Thanks to many mentors along the way, I got a few things right and I feel so blessed by the results - great relationships with kind, responsible, loving young people who will say that they did indeed enjoy a magical childhood. 

If what you see here about me and my values resonates, I would love to just be a friend to you on the journey. I’ll try to make you laugh with my stories and I’ll cry with you over the messiness of it all.  Ask me your questions and share with me your wins. I’ll be cheering you on!!