Awaken to Color Workshop

October 27-28 2023

Learn about the science of color and how to apply it to your home and garden design while slowing down and noticing the beauty all around you. 

By the end of this workshop you'll have gained:

1) An ability to notice color everywhere and identify hue, value and chroma. 

2) Your own palette of favorite colors and the ability to add what's needed to make your home feel more beautiful. 

3) A keepsake kit with your completed workbook, your own color wheel, and inspiring images to guide your design efforts.

4) The refreshment that comes from taking time for your own creativity, rest, and inspiration while spending time with encouraging girlfriends.

Here are the details...

  • Friday evening - Saturday 
  • 2 live sessions with Jill with an Exploration time in between sessions
  • A course kit filled with tools & goodies mailed to you in time for the workshop
  • A great opportunity to gather with girlfriends, spend time with your children, OR take time for a personal retreat while you engage in this creative experience.

Sessions are delivered online. There will be an fun assignment to experience between sessions.

Session 1 - Friday at 7pm EST 

On your own - Exploration time

Session 2 - Saturday at noon EST


$97.00 USD