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Do you ever feel like the home life you imagined is worlds away from the one you’re living?


I’ve been there. 

I’ve fretted and fixed. Panicked and prayed. 

Compared, complained, and cried. 

But I’ve also been encouraged along the journey and those little glimpses of hope carried me through.


Want to know mY secret?


All the good stuff happens in that space between the life you wanted and the one you’ve been given.

All the creativity, strength, abilities, and big gifts are developed and revealed in that gap.


It’s hard to see it when you feel like you're stuck in the wrong story. When despite your best efforts and plans, life is not unfolding as you had hoped for you or your family. The setting is all wrong, the finances are all wrong, and the opportunities feel limited.

But what if you could catch just a glimpse of the blessing in it all, see just enough of the truth to carry you through? What if you could find some inspiration and get a little taste of joy in the midst of the imperfection? Would that help? Could you begin to believe what Tony Robbins says, that “your life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you.”?

I’m here to encourage you that this is true. There is JOY in the journey if you’ll look for it in the little things. There is hope because YOU - your creativity and strength - will emerge in the struggle

My story is one of finding JOY in the little things and realizing that those actually WERE the big things. 


My wish is to be an encouragement and a resource to you as one who has walked this path of raising a family for the past 20 years. 


What area are you needing help, ideas, encouragement, understanding in today?