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I’m a credentialed teacher, but I learned more from educating my own five very different children than I ever did in my classes! Each child learns differently from pre-school through high school, depending on their strengths and weaknesses and their unique developmental timetable. As a tutor, I’m passionate about encouraging curiosity, praising strengths and patiently finding pathways for success in the areas that are challenging. For information about tutoring or small group classes, please call or text me at 925-285-4119 or click the blue box below.


Tutoring | $60/hr

I do one-to-one tutoring at my home in Walnut Creek, CA in Mathematics through Algebra I. I’m known for making math approachable and doable to even the most math-phobic of students.

Small Group Classes

Algebra Prep School $100/ 4-week session. REGISTER HERE. Each session is designed to find and fill any gaps in your student's understanding of Algebra concepts so that they can succeed in their schoolwork and feel confident. The first class will include a short evaluation to determine which concepts need explanation and the class will include both instruction and practice working problems. What you'll get:

  • 4 weeks of small group instruction and attention - 10 students max.

  • Clear, winsome explanations of math concepts and plenty of practice

  • One makeup class offered per session 

  • Thursdays 10-11:30am in Walnut Creek, CA

  • Vendor with Visions, Valleyview, and Valiant charter schools - if using charter funds, please email, hello@jillpulver.com or call 925-285-4119 to register.

Coming in Fall 2019

Medieval History through Literature - Grades 6-8 - Using literature, texts, maps, and a timeline from Beautiful Feet Books, this year-long class takes us through the Medieval period and will include reading, discussion, writing and art. Class meets once per week on Tuesdays 1-2:30pm in Walnut Creek. $100/month or $400/ 16 week semester.

Around the World with Picture Books - Grades 1-4 - Using picture books and maps from Beautiful Feet Books, this year-long class takes us through many countries around the world and will include reading, discussion, art, writing and food sampling. Extension activities for home will be provided. Class meets once per week on Tuesdays 10-11:30am in Walnut Creek. $80/month or $320/ 16 week semester.

Homeschool Consulting | $75/hr home visit* | $50/hour phone

I LOVE to consult with homeschooling families about everything from curriculum choices to scheduling and discipline. We can talk about whatever you need help with from preschool through high school - from arranging your space, choosing curriculum, scheduling, teaching multiple ages/ large families, discipline, creating transcripts, etc… 

*Travel time will be added for locations beyond the Walnut Creek area.