3 Myths about Homeschooling that Might be Keeping You from Enjoying it (or Deciding to Start)

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There are several ideas that tend to create concern around the idea of homeschooling. These myths can keep those of us who have been homeschooling from fully enjoying it and they often keep those who are considering the lifestyle from even beginning. If we can reframe these issues and shift the way we are thinking, I believe we can really savor our days home educating.

Myth #1: Homeschooling means giving up on having an orderly home.

Myth #2: Choosing the right curriculum is everything.

Myth #3: Only the children’s personal growth and education matter.

Let’s talk about that first one, Myth #1, Homeschooling means giving up on having an orderly home. Here’s what you might be thinking: It will always be messy. There will no time to clean or do the laundry or cook dinner except in complete chaos and we will just have to endure that chaos until our kids are grown. If we like a neat house and peaceful days, we will just have to grin and bear it. When we can no longer tolerate the chaos, we might have to send everyone to school.

Truth: You can make home management a beautiful part of what you are teaching your kids in your homeschool. Housework does not need to get in the way of the lessons and activities you want to experience with your kids. Homeschooling is as much teaching our kids how to live life as it is how to do math or observe nature. Charlotte Mason said, “Education is an atmosphere, a discipline and a life.” Teaching kids how to create a home is important too!

And then there’s the curriculum dilemma, Myth #2, Choosing the right curriculum is everything. YES, it does matter that the Math curriculum works for your child and choosing the right History books can make studying it more enjoyable for your family. However, learning together at home is not just about replicating traditional school. Adding in what I call “the true, the good, and the beautiful” will end up having a greater impact on how much you enjoy homeschooling than simply checking the boxes of traditional subjects. So what do I consider “the true, the good, and the beautiful” and why do they matter more? These are the activities that can be experienced as a family. They are the ones that children of many different ages and personalities can enjoy together and respond to in their own ways at their own developmental levels. I’m talking about reading literature and poems together, listening to music, doing art, getting out in nature, and creating traditions. You will remember these shared experiences most because they strengthen relationships, awaken the imagination and build camaraderie. They bring the element of JOY to your homeschool and that will carry you through when you grow weary.

Myth #3, Only the children’s personal growth and education matter, is one we tend to automatically believe when there is no time for ourselves as moms. Our days are filled with driving, scheduling, and supporting the endeavors of our children and there is little time to even consider what we would like to do or learn. But our own personal growth is tremendously important because our kids are going to do what we do in the end. Our ability to parent effectively and coach our children to have healthy mindsets depends upon our own emotional health. We are not just teaching our children how to be good at academics or their chosen extracurricular activities. We are showing them how to live life well. This is good news - not just another to-do for us. It means that our own self-care is actually necessary. Our own curiosity and interests are important. If we want our children to become lifelong learners, making time to pursue our interests is an example we want to set. You are more than just a supporter, you are a unique and creative person, mama!

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