May Day

May 1 is this Wednesday and it always creeps up on me so I wanted to share, a few days ahead of time, a fun project we did when my kids were younger. You might want to gather supplies and set aside time to do this in the next few days.

When my kids were little, I was always looking for traditions we could create - fun ways we could celebrate the everyday and enjoy the rhythms of the year together. One of our favorites was May Day. We didn’t ever figure out how to set up a May pole and dance around it, but we did make bouquets of flowers for our neighbors to welcome springtime and let them know we loved them. I’ll show you how we did it.


We started with patterned paper from a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. it’s prettiest when the paper has designs on both sides, so look for a pad of paper like this. It can be useful for many other crafts and school projects.

1) Form the paper into a cone and staple in place.

2) Staple a long ribbon to the inside of the paper cone to serve as a handle.

3) Put a grocery store produce bag in the bottom with wet paper towels in the bottom to keep the flowers somewhat watered.

4) I usually purchased a few bunches of flowers at the grocery store to anchor the bouquets.

5) Have kids select flowers and greenery from the yard to complete the bouquets. Show them how to arrange them, but let them be the floral designers.

6) Deliver them to neighbors, friends, family, etc. by hanging on their front door early in the morning on May 1.

Enjoy this fun springtime craft, nature study and neighborly act with your children!



For more Springtime inspiration, grab my Spring Picture book List - I’ve gathered all our perennial favorite read-a-louds for you to enjoy with your children. You can take this list on your next library trip, to the bookstore or choose one next time you have a gift to give. Enjoy!!!

Bouquets ready to be delivered.

Bouquets ready to be delivered.